We at Graduate Fashion Week understand that glamourous costumes and student life don’t always go together, so we compiled some student-friendly costumes that could get you inspired this Halloween.

Taking some contemporary fashion icons, we aim to make your Halloween as stress free yet as glamorous as possible.Remember: your wardrobe is your oyster.

Start looking for costume inspiration in your own wardrobe before buying a full costume from a fancy dress store. Chances are you’ll find most essentials in there, you can always shop for props online to give your costume the finishing touch.

Check out our ideas below and show us your costumes using #wearegraduatefashion!


Grace Jones

Nightclubbing, 1981.

Nightclubbing, 1981.

All about a sharp shape, Grace Jones has one of the most iconic styles in both the Music and Fashion industry. Achieve her bold look with the help of contour and highlight to sharpen the face, neck and collar bones, complimented by cherry lips. Hair should be tied back in a sleek fashion or tied up to let the face do the work.

The outfit should consist an oversized black blazer and trousers, or tights accompanied by heeled boots accompanied by black gloves and a cigarette.

It’s all about keeping seductive and fearless.


The Kardashians

(group idea)

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian-West family are spearheading the modern day Fashion Industry.

Perfect for a group or collective flat costume idea, the Kardashian look is key to one aspect: a matching colour palette. Once selected, make sure the outfits scream controversy but elegance.

Each sister has their own distinct look, so make sure each is mastered. Kim’s black wavy hair and sharp cheek bones. Khloe’s blonde locks and smoky eyes. Kourtney’s sleek black hair and soft make up. Kendall’s strong eye make up, simple hair style and Kylie’s flawless make up: let your lips do the talking. Literally. 

Cosmopolitan, 2015.

Cosmopolitan, 2015.


Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty, 2014.

Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty, 2014.

In recent years, Rihanna has proven herself as one of fashion’s forefront icons, through appearances on the red carpet, Hollywood movies or her own Oscar-worthy music videos.

Achieving one of her most iconic looks, the Swarovski dress won’t be an easy task on a budget, but we have a solution: fishnet and glitter spray. And a lot of it.

Get yourself a fishnet style dress and literally cut it to shape. It should be cheap enough and any mistakes will be disguised by the glitter spray so don’t be afraid to get snipping!

Use parts of the dress that have been cut off to create a head scarf, tying at the back and some fishnet arm warmers. Once you have everything ready, apply the glitter spray and voila! You’ll have your own Rihanna themed Swarovski dress.

Pair the dress with any open toed heels (they’ll be disguised), smoky eyes and nude lips to complete the Rihanna look.

David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust

Raredeadly, 2011.

Raredeadly, 2011.

Late, great, David Bowie is going to be immortalised on Halloween this year, so we want to make sure you do him justice. The important thing to remember here is that there are no right or wrong ways to go about this; Bowie stood individuality and originality in both the music and fashion industry, so do him proud. 

For this particular Ziggy Stardust look, we would recommend either a bright orange wig, or, if your hair is a similar colour, backcomb at the front so it lifts, then let the back fall naturally. For the face, use his iconic lightening strike to achieve a bold and signature look that will instantly associate you with Bowie. 

The outfit should consist of something 80s inspired. Whether it be bold patterns, flare trousers, shoulder pads or all of the above, you’ll find all are ways to achieve your own twist on the Bowie look to make yourself stand out this Halloween.



Cara Delevigne

Mail Online, 2013.

Mail Online, 2013.

Quite hard look to master considering she’s one of fashion’s current “it” girls, Cara is one of the simpler and most effective looks on our list, if you get it right!

Applying your own twist on this is key: from your own closet select a jumper or sweatshirt, black skinny jeans and some trainers for a base. Next select a hoodie, and wear it underneath a leather or denim jacket. Match with Lennon style sunglasses, a beanie hat and shoulder length blonde-fair hair.

Next step: master her face. Cara’s eyebrows are her signature, so getting them right is vital. Match them with a pale lipstick and use contour to create a pouting face, you’re basically there!



Zimbio, 2011.

Zimbio, 2011.

After the tragic and sudden loss of Pete Burns earlier this month, it’s important to realise his importance and significance for blurring gender and gender norms, especially within the UK fashion industry.

To achieve his iconic look, start with a jet black wig and middle parting. Use pale make up or even white face paint to make your face sheet white and follow with contour to make the cheekbones and eyes really pop. Lips should be the key feature of this look; make them bigger than usual and ensure you maintain a strong pout.

The fashion should be as outlandish but glamourous as you can make it! His style always screamed fun but sexy. Use the fashion to clash with the make up you’ve gone for, to make your face stand out. It doesn’t need to be a dress made of tin, but something glitzy paired with a faux fur shawl and bright heels should do the trick to pull off this look.

Karl Largerfeld & Anna Wintour


Margot and Maude, 2014.

Margot and Maude, 2014.

This outfit has two key elements for both: a wig and a pair of sunglasses (the darker, the better).

For Anna, obviously select and auburn bob wig with a full fringe. From your closet select a floral print knee-length dress and pair it with the most outlandish necklace you can find. For more effect, drape a blazer over your shoulders and make sure to have piercing lips at all times.

A white ponytail and black sunglasses can only mean Karl Largerfeld. For Karl, select a black blazer, trousers and tie with a white shirt, paired with a collection of silver necklaces, fishnet gloves and black boots to complete the look. Similar to Anna, make sure to have piercing lips at all times.