It seems incredible, but the first day is already over. As we went through the exhibition, our team selected a range of names that we think constitute the peak of today’s exhibition space.

If you haven’t had a chance to go through the floors, don’t despair we’re here for you! With such incredible catwalks going on at all times, it’s easy to get lost in admiration. Among the many sponsors, so many universities from all across the UK have set up their stands to show off their most brilliant minds, and overall the whole building’s full of colourful creations from young designers, fashion journalists, and all sorts of fashion students.


Among the fashion designers, Michael Treta, a young designer form Edinburgh College of Arts, whose beautiful sketches have been turned into spectacular gowns. From the same university, Maz Smith, whose degradable clothing line embellished in collaboration with Marmox also deserves to be in the list of best picks of the day. Another interesting sustainable designer is Joza, who studied at the University of Portsmouth and created the collection named “Makoto”, puffy and entirely eco-friendly!  With her unique inspiration taken from female hormones, Fashion Designer Caro Yuanyuan Yang stands out within the collections of the Cambridge School of Art, together with her classmate Zinqing Xu, who, instead, took inspiration from Japanese animations.

On the accessories side of the exhibitions the unusual structures of the creations by footwear designer Tasha Ellison stand out, alongside the beautiful bags from Nanyoung Kim, both students from De Montfort University Leicester.

The most interesting magazine in the whole exhibition is with no doubt the one by Eliza Lachkova, a fashion Journalism student from the University for the Creative Arts, who exhibited today with a visual magazine that includes interesting interviews from some of the most influential personalities across the industry.


Last but not least: the works of Visual Creative Director and Fashion Stylist, Stacey Arago, with her project on the brand KENZO, and the creations of Photographer and Content Creator William Bird from Northumbria University.

These are, in our opinion, the best of today’s exhibition, but much more is coming, and we cannot wait to see every show.

Writing by Sara Liberati

Photography by Becky Mukerji