A few weeks ago we held the Graduate Fashion Week photo shoot where we got to see eight of our graduates’ designs come to life worn by both models and influencers. Given that many of our alumni go on to be some of the biggest names in fashion, we thought they deserved no one less than the renowned photographer Damian Foxe to shoot their designs. We're excited to be able to reveal the imagery that Damian created whilst in The  Boiler House on Brick Lane. 

Damian is Fashion Director for How To Spend It and he shot one outfit from each designer at the home of GFW17, The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. The make-up was beautifully put together by GFW’s official make-up sponsor 3ina and hair was styled by Danny Dyer.  The collaborative effort of three admirable creative minds culminated in photographs that accentuate both the talent of the graduates, and the artistic thought processes that have gone into making these garments. 

We have created a behind the scenes video, so you can see what went into the creation of the set, what clothes the influencers had to choose from, and the see the energy of all involved! This video will be revealed on our website later on in the week, so make sure to check back!

With Graduate Fashion Week less that two weeks away we wanted to give you a few names to look out for, take a first look at the images below to find out more about the inspiration the clothes. 

Ellen Fowles, Ravensbourne

Ellen Fowles specialises in conceptual development, bespoke tailoring, and apparel construction. She uses ‘brutalist’ linear aesthetics which reflect her personal reaction to an austere political environment. Fowles maintains:

“It is impossible for designers to latch on to a socio-political movement without capitalising on it either through financial gain or brand attention.”

Graduate Fashion Week UCA Epsom Jamie Backshall.jpg

Jamie Backshall, UCA Epsom

Jamie Backshall’s collection is an exploration of 90’s New York black culture, set in The Bronx.

Backshall’s work references the rising skateboarding scene in New York and he draws inspiration from contemporary culture. In particular, he references Tupac Shakur’s rap poem, ‘The Rose That Grew From The Concrete’. He is also drawn to Gordan Marta Clark’s project “anarchitecture”- with its conflation of the words anarchy and architecture. Backshall is fascinated by the concept of ‘the void’- His work explores gaps, ‘left over spaces’ and the people who live within them.

Alicja Teper, Southampton Solent

Alicja Teper’s collection is named ‘Catharsis’- the Greek concept of purification of emotions and fear though art. In addition, she is inspired by Erich Fromm’s ‘The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness’ in which he describes different types of violence and destructiveness. Within her work there is an underlying sense of tension, fear and distorted reality. Teper maintains this unease may reflect the anxiety caused by being brought up in a dysfunctional family.

Graduate Fashion Week Northumbria Liam Falcus.jpg

Liam Falcus, Northumbria

Aspects of far eastern culture inspire Liam Falcus’s collection, ‘Riders, Lovers, Fighters’. In particular, he is drawn to both the sensual cinematography of Wong Kar Wai and the ‘expressiveness’ contained within Muay Thai and Japanese Bōsōzoku subculture.

Falcus’s collection, made of finest silk, evokes the lucid intimacy and rich vibrancy of Wong’s work. His use of lush colour tones and eye-catching pin-up prints create a strong visual representation. The collection also captures fleeting glimpses into the Bōsōzoku lifestyle. He also captures the Muay Thai tension between romanticism and violence through the fluidity of the silhouettes and rich detailing within the outfits.

Graduate Fashion Week Kingston Kate Clark.jpg

Kate Clark, Kingston

In this collection, Kate explores childhood nostalgia in a ‘grown up’ world that seems to be in tatters. She was inspired by the idea of a child wearing a princess dress and refusing to take it off. Her work is very personal and fantastical; Kate herself admits, “I’ve never been too fond of the real world.”

Graduate Fashion Week Edinburgh College of Art Maddie Williams.jpg

Maddie Williams, Edinburgh College of Art

Maddie’s collection was inspired by the idea of 6 Goddess-like figures who remain pure and untainted from the trappings of corporate power. Her clothes exude feminine strength and the organic styling of the collection reflects a simpler way of living. Many of the materials being made from renewable materials like unwanted Royal Main plastic sacks.

Sophie Hampson, Ravensbourne

Sophie’s collection entitled ‘Returning from the Underworld’ takes inspiration from a traditional masquerade festival in South Africa, in which she looked at the clothing in both traditional and contemporary African ceremonies. She was influenced by the carnival culture of southwest Germany. Her collection is rich in detail and textures and dark in it’s aesthetic.

Graduate Fashion Week Edinburgh College of Art Frankie Dean.jpg

Frankie Dean, Edinburgh College of Art

Frankie Dean experiments with sculptural lines like the muscle tone of our bodies. She looks at the transition between two-dimensional drawn lines and three-dimensional ones. Her collection is instantly recognisable with her innovative use of printed elastic onto mesh, creating a ‘third dimension’ to her designs.

These graduates were selected to showcase their designs in this photo shoot because of their diverse influences, cultural backgrounds and strong sense of individuality. They are just a few of our many talented young designers showing at Graduate Fashion Week, so make sure that you're there! Get your tickets now.