The first GFW Live! talk this Monday afternoon introduces a new take on catwalk shows and production. For those who are interested in the production side of fashion, or are designers looking to find inspirational ideas for a new take on traditional fashion shows, this talk brought the best tips and tricks.

Designer Joshua Kane, Creative Director Hamish Jenkinson, and Graduate Fashion Week operations director Gina Hewitt sat down to chat to us about what it is like for designers, and set producers while working. Most fashion designers will have a vision on how they would like to display their collection, whether that means a classic white room, bright lights and catwalk, or if they envision their models dancing down a catwalk that has been built as a theatrical set.

 “Two seasons ago I put a waterfall in a church because I wanted it to be dramatic” states Joshua Kane. His approach to a more creative and theatrical set he believes brings a unique experience, that you need to be there in person to feel. Joshua Kane personally believes that taking a cinematic and dramatic way to approach a catwalk brings a thirst to him, in which he finds that thirst exciting.

If you are an aspiring designer, the best advice Hamish, Gina, and Joshua have is to push yourself to an extreme limit. In the words of Joshua Kane, “It’s worth it in the end.”

Words by Maisie Taylor