Two members of the Marks & Spencer social team took to the GFW Live! space to deliver an insightful talk on the importance of social media and research.

Hayley Ward, Head of Research Insight, was first to speak and focused on the uncertainty that has evolved out of factors such as political instability and terrorism, which has subsequently led to a change in our spending habits. She highlighted the importance of understanding of the customer to succeed as a brand. Ward shared how through various methods of research, the brand had found that in today’s climate people were more likely to spend money on experiences rather than disposable items. This was reflected in to what they were selling in store meaning that they were ‘designing the things that really matter’.

Megan Conneely, Senior Social Media Manager, stressed the importance of social media in the digital age due to its rapid growth and development over the last ten years. Through the various channels they use, Marks & Spencer aim to use social media to inspire, enable and convert. It is also useful for driving sales, building a love of the brand amongst the public and its role as an open forum for their customers.

The Marks & Spencer insight into this side of the industry allowed students and graduates to learn about the various roles that have sparked out of the modern climate. 

Words by Hannah Stacpoole