"The 3INA vision is to challenge the one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. Colour is our language. We believe beauty should be bold. We believe it should be fun. We believe it should give you the confidence to try new and different things. It’s about empowering and enhancing, not distracting and masking. Oh, and it's pronounced MEE-NAH."

Graduate Fashion Week is proud to have 3INA as the beauty force behind the hair and make-upstyles during GFW17, with team members from London’s Beauty Artists. As well as their work backstage, 3INA held a GFW Live! Talk, discussing “make-up’s creative value and how the beauty world has finally stepped out of fashion’s shadow.” The talk was hosted by make-up artist Anne Sophie Costa, where we were taught not only about makeup and its values as a form of expression, but were also given a quick live makeup tutorial using their new ‘UV light’ products.

3INA is a brand who strive to be different from other makeup brands, in which they pride themselves on. The brand believe that makeup should be an easily accessible form of expression to promote individuality, as well as a form of art and vision.

Make-up has stepped out of fashion's shadow, and become “more individual and expressive”, and has served as a strong form of art. 3INA create fresh new products regularly help to ensure that they are catering towards a wide range of clientele from makeup savvy shoppers, to fashion designers. Teaming up with designers means 3INA get to help express ideas and inspiration onto the looks, in which GFW are lucky to have. Designers have a makeup vision in mind, and 3INA make it happen to finalise the look.

Words by Maisie Taylor