A video played in the GFW Live! space as the audience took their seats, showcasing Clarks innovative rebirth of the shoe by exploring details with 360 footage and exhibiting the company’s recycling and reuse of unloved shoes.

Rosie McKissock, Head of Evolution, lead the talk while insight into the design process was shared between Helen Richards-Rees (Senior Designer), Kerry Hooper (Last Maker) and Christopher Anderson (Senior Designer).

Helen Richards-Rees shared company secrets, telling the audience how “traditional manufacturing, quality materials and craftsmanship to the highest standard goes into our shoes, to ensure the design of beautiful, functional and comfortable shoes”.

We were lucky enough to get a live workshop example of how Kerry crafts a shoe, “we want to make good shows for everyone”. All eyes were on the workbench observing the different techniques used in the creation of the shoe. The audience were amazed by her talent and skill.