It’s the final day of Graduate Fashion Week and this afternoon fashion designer John Rocha gave a compelling talk on the GFW Live! stage about the importance of developing a signature style. In the world we live in today, the fashion industry is incredibly saturated, with endless pieces and collections coming out – independent of whether it’s high-end luxury labels, independent designers or on the high-street. Therefore to be successful, you must find the one thing that makes you unique.

Rocha believes that his main inspiration and influences have come from art and music, and encouraged the students to go and see as many exhibitions and listen to as much music as possible. Having grown up in Hong Kong, he first grew to love fashion having listened to the Beatles and looking at what they were wearing.

So why are music and art so important? He stated that these two things are enjoyed all over the world– independent of age, culture or language. By broadening one’s horizons and experiencing these things on a global scale, it is likely that you will pick up a unique style that will appeal to the masses.