Each day throughout GFW, Hilary Alexander OBE can be seen in conversation with special guests. These GFW Live! talks are a great way to get a closer look into the secret world of well-known fashion influencers, designers, and creatives. Starting off the first of the schedule, the iconic Hilary Alexander led a discussion with three inspirational young designers sponsored by Swarovski.

Sadie Williams, Art School, and A.V Robertson discussed what it takes to be a young designer in the positions they are in today, and how they got there. Sadie Williams, who shows at London Fashion Week, has gained a reputable position amongst young designers. Art School is a brand composed of two young designers, who made it where they are today due to their determination and perseverance. When asked what their name means, Eden from the duo states “Art School has changed our lives”.

The third young designer, A.V Robertson, dedicates her success and experience as a designer from one simple quote. “Don’t be afraid to try things”.

All three of the designers in conversation with Hilary Alexander are thankful for Swarovski and GFW for not only helping with their collections embellished with beautiful Swarovski crystals, but for bringing young talent into the spotlight.

When asked what GFW means to her, Sadie Williams replied “It’s nice to see people wanting to hear what we have to say. It’s refreshing, encouraging, and inspiring.”. On the other hand, Eden from Art School was simply impressed that this time a year ago, he was showing upstairs at GFW, while next month they will be showing at London Collection: Mens.

With a jam-packed audience, you never know what these students sitting next to you are going to do next. Art School never thought they would be in the position they are in today.

Make sure to head down to see Hilary Alexander in Conversation with a new special guest, every day of GFW. You don’t want to miss out!

Words by Maisie Taylor