As the second day of GFW19 has begun, we’ve asked our exhibitors and hair stylists for their thoughts on the hairstyle trends apparent throughout the collections. Positive themes such as sustainability and inclusivity are apparent in the pieces on show but what does the hair represent?

On Sunday, Barbara Kalagbor, a young designer from University of East London, sent out a show stopper of a headpiece. Which inspired us to explore today’s catwalk looks and gain a sneak-peak on what can be expected.


Speaking to Raul Iacob, previously a hair stylist and now a fashion design student from Birmingham City University, hairstyles this year have been “much more natural”. He added: “we are trying to look more at what models hair looks singularly rather than answer trends, and this way everyone will look much better. We have seen and will be seeing a lot more headpieces than the last year, which is incredibly exciting and helps to show the creativity of the designers”.

We then came across Beth Mitcheson and Lucy Ryan, two hair stylists who are going to be working on the hairstyles for the Bath Spa University and Manchester University shows. In their opinion, “hairstyles this year have richer textures, there is a lot more volume in the clothes, and the same will happen for the hair and makeup. Designers seem to want to avoid the ‘wet’ look while preferring a wilder look”.

UCLAN Jade Berry-28.jpg

Finally, we spoke to David Vallance, a tutor at Edinburgh College of Arts who told us that for his students’ show “the overall setting of the show will be quite scenical, and so will the hair, which will match the collections. For our looks, we’ve gone for a very simple look and a slicked back style with a middle parting”.

Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Mathushaa Sagthidas, Jade Berry and Wainam Cheung