This week we meet Eve Mossman, a fourth year student at Heriot Watt University in the Scottish borders. Eve’s final collection is inspired by Millennials, and aims to break the stereotypes attached to the generation. Using social media motifs and unexpected but recognisable details throughout her streetwear-inflected collection, Eve wants to prove that there is much more to her generation than meets the eye.

What was the starting point of inspiration for your final project?

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My final year collection is called 8196 and is a mixed men’s and womenswear collection for Autumn/ Winter 19/20. The collection is based around Millennials with the aim to break and distort the stereotypes associated with our generation.

I looked at how Millennials are commonly described as narcissistic, lazy and entitled when in fact we are much more accepting, open and opinionated than given credit for. The collection also looks are the evolution of technology from what Millennials grew up with, to the social media dependents many of them have become. 

What will the finished product look like?

 The collection is heavily based on streetwear and has simplistic silhouettes – with inspiration taken from the 198Os and 199Os. The garment details are based upon those commonly seen in everyday garments and in tailoring, but have been altered and moved around the garment as if to say: “Yes I am what you think I am, but I am also more.”

This idea is also incorporated into the fabric with reflective fabric and layered fabric being used. The colours are bright, garish and attention-grabbing, as is the print. The print has been inspired by social media with the incorporation on a love heart and thumbs up emoji which are both commonly seen in social media sites. 


What is the message behind your project that you want people to take away?

I want my collection to show that Millennials are more than the narcissistic, lazy and entitled individuals that people make them out to be. I want people to look at my collection and see it as something they recognise but done in a different way, for example the replacement of fly fastenings, collars and also the use of reflective fabric and thread. Showing how Millennials may be the stereotype given to them, but they are also much more than this.


How has it evolved from your initial ideas and what have you learnt along the way?

I have learnt a lot throughout my collection. Initially I was going to focus a lot more on the technology side of my concept and also do some research into other generations, but it was within my initial research that I noticed that a lot of articles online focused on the negative attributes of a Millennials. As for the technology, I decided to use most of my research in print design instead of using it as a focal point for garment design.

Always buy more fabric than you think you’ll need, don’t rely on next day delivery, always get fabric samples - don’t rely on photos, measure twice; cut once, cutting velvet isn’t easy, if something doesn’t work out the way you’d planned there is always a solution and most of the time it works out better! And hard work always pays off. 

What is your plan once you finish your BA?

My plan once I finish my BA is to hopefully begin working in industry. I would really like to get some internships under my belt before deciding on what I want to do. I am currently leaning towards a design-based job or possibly manufacture, but I am willing to try anything in the industry. I am definitely going to continue working on my own design work and try to build upon the skills I have learnt at university.