Fashion director of Fabulous magazine, Tracey Lea Sayer interviews the vice president of George at Asda, Mary Kate Campbell. Mary has gained a wide knowledge of how to get into the fashion industry and shared her advice with us today.

Tracey and Mary discussed the impact of fashion. Tracey saying “once you get the taste of fashion, you stay hooked”, something that is relevant to us all. Mary suggested seeking “out people to be inspired by, I have a love for clothes, they are my passion”.

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GEORGE_TALK_byBeckyMukerji (99 of 45).jpg

Tracey Lea Sayer went on to ask Mary, what advice she would give to your younger self? In which Mary replied “be true to yourself, be authentic. Be curious, always be curious. Read, learn invest in yourself. Focus, it's so easy to get distracted”.

When Tracey asked Mary what advice she would give graduates, Mary highlighted the importance of knowledge.

“Research, research and more research. Get your hands dirty and keep learning, even when you land a job”.

When juggling a work-life balance was considered, Mary replied “I got asked this question last Friday and burst into tears, the beginning is relentless, my commute is 4 hours a day. You have to be diligent and manage your own agenda. Work smart”.

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Everyone needs time for themselves. Mary gave us advice on how she keeps on track, “I don’t email at the weekends unless it's absolutely necessary. I don’t talk to people when I’m on holiday, for example. You need breaks and days off”. Our work can be hindered by too much stress, “you can't be creative if you are constantly tired”.

Written by Chloe Ford

Photography by Becky Mukerji