Our ambassador Christopher Raeburn is known for his sustainable ethos and ethical credentials. Having always focused on his Remade collection, the designer has now announced a community building project, that teaches his customers the skills of repairing, and offers the chance to meet similarly like minded people.

In celebration of Wool Week and International Repairs Day, the team at Christopher Raeburn have announced a new open day of free repairs. In a world of overconsumption and fast fashion, one of the most radical things we can do as consumers is to keep our clothes in use for as long as possible. Part of their Remade, Reduced, Recycled initiative, they understand that things happen and clothes get damaged and want you to keep your favourite piece of clothing for many years to come. As such, you’re all invited to the RÆBURN Lab for the chance to benefit from on-the-spot repairs for your Christopher RÆBURN garment. Bring the team your ripped seams and broken zips, and they will fix it for you free of charge. Don't chuck it or buy a new one, let them repair it!

This is a great opportunity to meet Christopher and the talented team who will be on hand to give you a private tour of the RÆBURN Lab while your beloved garment is being brought back to life by the head seamstress Zory.

To find out more head to Christopher Raeburns website here.