In the age of dramatic social change and shifting paradigms, it’s no surprise that young creatives are capable of shaping the future. The boom of Visual Culture powered by development of new network technologies, motivates individuals and whole communities to express their opinions and concerns on such issues like politics, power, science, feminism, race, ideology, religion and activism.

It wouldn’t be possible without the elevating print and digital platforms, which allow young creatives to be taken seriously. These publications provide a base to share their work, collaborate and get inspiration from. The platforms not only help young creatives with development of their skills, but also give them confidence by publishing their work. If you’re interested in having your work showcased and get support for your practice, here is a list of few magazines and links for submission.

Bricks Magazine  

BRICKS is an independent platform supporting emerging creatives within fashion, but it also covers art, culture and music. The cutting-edge content is created by and dedicated for youth culture. Bricks is a great place for emerging creatives to embed themselves in the current art conversation. You can get in touch with Bricks editors by submitting your work below.


YellowZine – is a print and online platform that centralises the artwork of ethnic minority creatives. This intersectional publication focuses on stories that are not usually part of the mainstream media but are so important to be seen and read by the general public. YellowZine promotes art created by People of Colour and advocates for this contemporary movement to be part of the conventional art conversation. You can get in contact with YellowZine editors via the link below.



If you have interest in beautiful photography and illustrations, fun and colourful layouts and exciting editorials and features, Caboodle is the magazine for you. This bi-annual digest showcases the work of talented creatives and designer-makers from around the world. This optimistic publication encourages creativity with sense of humour and kindhearted ethos. Caboodle editors are open for creative collaborations. To submit your work email the magazine directly, via the button below.


Good Trouble Magazine

Good Trouble Mag is all about celebrating culture of resistance by showcasing work focused on politics and protest movement. The publication contains not only interview, stories, photos, features, art, documentaries, music and DIY projects but also, as a platform, connects people to resources, communities, farther information and established campaigning organisations. The editors are always keen on new content about equality, liberty, justice and climate sustainability. You can be part of the network and amplify your voice by submitting work to Good Trouble Mag below.


It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That is a bi-annual product of the founded in 2007 platform, which was established to facilitate creativity and open up the world of inspiration. The magazine showcases broad range of artistic disciplines, including set design, film, fashion, animation and graphic design. You can also get involved in the events organised by the platform, get information about what creative industry has to offer and improve your career decision making. To submit click here (link).

What are you waiting for? Using your time at university to build your professional portfolio and make contacts will make sure that when you come to graduate, you already have industry experience and a group of people you can ask for recommendations from!

Words by Eva Kubacka