Emphasising the need for ethical and sustainable practises within the fashion industry, Graduate Fashion Week alongside sponsors Farfetch; the leading global technology platform for the luxury industry, have launched the Considered Design Hub for 2019.

Farfetch Sustainability - Image Courtesy of Farfetch (1).jpg

Noticing an increase of graduates focusing on the ethical and sustainable standards of their designs and projects, we will be exhibiting leading UK and international students work as part of the hub at the showcase for all four days.

As well as providing the students with a platform to express their principles and designs, the hub will also be running three daily workshops and talks which will consist of a morning daily talk from The Sustainable Angle, the mid-day talk from a senior team member of Farfetch and an afternoon Q&A with a renowned ethical fashion designer. 

Farfetch Sustainability - Image Courtesy of Farfetch (5).jpg

In addition to sponsoring the hub, the global technology platform will also have a ‘Positively Farfetch’ branded stand where current students, graduates and inspiring designers can meet the team about opportunities and get advice and guidance.  Furthermore, Farfetch will be sponsoring a brand-new Graduate Fashion Week exhibition award; ‘The Considered Design Award’, where students who have a project with a sustainable or ethical element can enter to win a prize.

Recently launched ‘Positively Farfetch’ is Farfetch’s mission to become the global platform for good in luxury fashion, empowering people in the fashion community to think, act and choose positively. Together with Graduate Fashion Week, they’re revolutionising and reinventing the fashion industry for the future – in a way that benefits customers, people and the planet.