The Best Of Show happens every year on the last day of Graduate Fashion Week, where the best collections from the whole week, across both UK and International universities, gather on one stage. Top industry and media members and professionals fight for the show’s tickets as it truly condenses GFW’s vast talents into its most concentrated, elite few. 

This year at GFW 2017, we had 25 Best Of collections. As GFW grow bigger and better, choosing the best of collection becomes more and more difficult. To pick just 25 out of the 36 UK Universities and 32 International universities at GFW 2017, it seemed almost impossible.

Somehow, amazingly enough, 5 out of 25 collections at GFW 2017 Best Of Show came from Edinburgh College of Art.  This marked a huge achievement for Edinburgh College of Art, and will go down in the university’s history as a moment for its students to aspire to and be proud of for forever. This is a result that came from both the students’ riveting talent and the universities’ exceptional staff and stand of teaching. 

Below are the names of the shortlisted students from Edinburgh College of Art whose collections shone bright at GFW 2017’s Best Of Show: 

Ruth Williams

Maddie Williams

Frankie Dean

 Irene D’Antonio

Halina North

A round of applause to students and staff at Edinburgh College of Art, we are so happy for you! 


Words by Matilda Liu

Photography by Kathrin Werner & Danny Woodward