The vast audience that observed De Montfort University Leicester’s 2016 graduate show was not a disappointed one, the room was abuzz.

A display of complex, intriguing garments were presented on braided models that strode down the catwalk in an array of interestingly mixed materials, with well-placed detailing cleverly bringing each outfit together.

Varied block colours, assorted materials and intricate prints were blended to create a captivating vision of patchwork.

The inspirations for each collection were clearly shown, such as Holly Borg’s child-like, crayon printed ensembles, or Hazel Symons’ garments which ingeniously deconstructed the pattern-cutting and production processes.

From a university known for its more alternative courses, well-considered accessories were paired with each collection. Footwear ranged from wetsuit boots, all the way to hand detailed brogues, whilst accompanying fixtures were still more artistic and sculptural.