Sophie Winfield is a Fashion Journalism Masters student who was one of two writers invited to cover Fashion Scout AW19. She shares with us a day in the life of a fashion week writer during London Fashion Week.

Being one of two people chosen to be an official writer for Fashion Scout is a big deal to me. I knew my days would be manic and I’d spend half of my weekend running round like a headless chicken, but I still don’t think I was quite prepared for what the job would throw at me. Here’s a rundown of my second day on the job.

for megan.jpg

10am: I finally arrive at the office after getting lost in the building for the 5th time. I walk through a group of people trying to get in – flash my card that proves I work here. Once at the office, I set up my laptop, making sure to nab one of the very limited plug sockets around the room and claim it as my own. Laptop open, snacks beside me, cup of hot coffee: I’m ready.

11am: I make my way over to my first show. I realise that one of my friends is watching the show too, so we sit together and discuss the brand, Mimpikita. The lights go down and Whitney Houston starts to play – the best way to start a day of shows. The show soon comes to an end and I quickly say goodbye before fighting to get backstage, where I meet the designers for a quick chat about the collection. After congratulating them on their hard work, I make my way back to the office to write my review.

Cest D by Doyeon by Nici Eberl-4011.jpg

11.40am: I finish my review. Half hour deadlines are difficult to keep to (I gave myself a bit of extra time with this one) but they are doable once you get into it. Next thing on the agenda? Lunch.

2pm: After eating lunch at lightning speed, wandering around the makeup rooms and chasing a PR for some details about a show (to no avail), I join my colleague at a show she is covering for the website. It’s so fun to be able to attend so many shows, even the ones I’m not covering, especially when there are Love Islanders in the audience.

Pam Hogg by Nici Eberl-9714.jpg

3.30pm: I make my way over to the Indonesia Fashion Showcase; a show that showcases five different designers to celebrate the talent in Indonesia. The show was packed with guests showing their support, including the UK ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia. It was an amazing show, I left feeling inspired and ready to write.

6.30pm: After grabbing some dinner, I meet the designers behind DB Berdan for a chat about their new collection. They show me through the collection and discuss the inspiration behind it, then I head back to the office to write up my notes before the show starts. After this, I head to the show space for their show – a wonderful celebration of identity and love.

7.30pm: The show finishes and I make my way back to the office. I write up both the DB Berdan and street style overview pieces and send them to the editors. That’s me officially done for the day! It was tiring, but worth it.

I-Am-Chen by Nici Eberl-5201.jpg

Words by Sophie Winfield

Photography by Nici Eberl, Laura De Meo and Lauren Roberts