We're so happy to a very exciting opportunity for a talent graduate to win a £5000 bursary, and a 6 week paid placement with Clarks. The university of the winning graduate will receive £1000! The prizes for this award are particularly impressive, and we're excited that a shoes giant such as Clarks is providing such a fantastic prize. 

"The Clarks approach is design-led. We are both shoemakers and pioneers, and our brand is built on the idea that form and function should inspire each other."

You are invited to submit a design concept for a unique and innovative footwear proposition that pushes the boundaries of shoe-making to create the best possible environment for feet. 

Often the most beautiful and distinctive details are driven by a totally new approach to delivering functionality. Be creative, innovate, push boundaries and reflect the Clarks identity and design code. 

How can ultimate functionality be made beautiful, desirable and modern?

How can we create footwear that feels as good as it looks?

The product may sit in any category: Dress, Casual or Sport, Men’s, Women’s or Kids!

Truly innovative design and creative expression are very much encouraged.


Clarks would like you to design a pair of shoes for them!


Entrants are not required to construct the product, just to submit a design. The proto-typing of the winning design will take place during the placement at Clarks awarded to the winner.

Entries should cover the following:

  • Research - detailing the researched themes you are using as inspiration for your design.
    Idea development – illustrating the design development based on your researched themes.

  • Final design - communicating all aspects of your design (e.g. design drawings, photographs, 3D models, etc)

  • Word document which introduces you (the entrant) and explains how your design answers the brief.


  • Submissions made to the University Resources Portal by 18.00 Thursday 18th May

  • GFW will package and share entries by WeTransfer with the Clarks team.

  • Clarks should shortlist between 5 “finalists” and inform GFW of these individuals.

  • GFW to inform Finalists and provide tickets for the gala show.

  • Short listed applicants will meet with Senior Clarks Managers for an interview on Wednesday 7th June

  • Winner announced with the sketches showed on screen on Wednesday 7th June 2017 at The Graduate Fashion Week Gala Awards Show at 19.00

  • Clarks to contact finalist post event– with support from BPR (Industry & Special Projects Manager) to arrange Placement

  • Clarks to take student on placement and develop winning design.

  • If prototype available GFW & Clarks will unveil the design at the GFW Houses of Parliament Event– November 2017 {Date TBC}



£5,000 to the Student 

£1,000 to the University

6 Week Paid Placement at Clarks in the Design Team 

Winning Design Prototyped & Showcased at the GFW Houses of Parliament Event in November 2017, then manufactured and sold in Stores.