In this GFW Live! talk three members of the Clarks team discussed how insight influences Clark’s seasonal collection. The international brand that sells shoes in 80 countries is currently going through an evolutionary transition. All work that the 200-year-old brand does is completed in-house across 4 offices around the world. During the talk the Clarks team explained their current insight process for Spring/Summer 2020.

The purpose of insight is to help their customers make better informed decisions. As a brand they use insight to gain an understanding of global issues and create solutions. Insight is formed from the completion of a lot of different data sources which include, talking to customers and joining consumers on shopping trips. As a reflection on the insight Clarks have a “seasonal kick off” which includes building a creative direction for the season. This includes mood boards and creating the right consumer environment. The team work in a very integrated way whilst processing all of the information the insight has provided.  Pulling together the insight and seasonal kick off of the pathway book is created to bring the products to life. The pathway book is then used to create the campaign of the season.

Clarks go by the moto, “Everybody should wear good shoes” and they value the comfort of their consumer both in their shoes and with themselves. Despite being a brand that appeals to all ages currently their strongest growth in the market is from younger and older people. Clarks is about having the confidence in doing what is correct for the consumer no matter their age. 

Words by Rosie Smith 

Photography by Deborah Smith