Runner up in the 2017 M&S Womenswear Award, Claire Tagg discussed her successes one year on, her LFW presentation and her placement with M&S in the GFW Live! Talk Space this afternoon. After graduating from University of Creative Arts, Rochester, and coming second in the M&S award, the young designer has since released a floral occasion wear collection with the retailer. 

Claire has seen her feminine pieces on singer Hatty Keane, and has enjoyed continuing to learn from the Marks and Spencer's team. Undoubtedly her experiences at M&S have given her a unique and appealing knowledge base and the opportunity to enter the industry single handedly when she deems herself ready. When Claire does jump in, her time spent at M&S will have given her a rounded view of a notoriously tricky industry. 

The British Designer spoke about showcasing dramatic, oriental inspired fauna and flora collection of eight looks at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. As has become Claire's signature style, the collection combined glamour and destruction representing the opulence she encountered through her travels.

As a print focused designer, Claire loves combining rich textures, detailed drawings and elaborate embellishment to create truly unique looks- an aesthetic that drew the judges attention it GFW17. It was fantastic to welcome Claire back to Graduate Fashion Week, and hear more about her journey since graduation.