Christopher Raeburn, Graduate Fashion Week Global Ambassador, Considered Design Advocate and Creative Director of his eponymous brand, recently showcased an innovative and progressive collection during London Fashion Week Mens. 

Christopher's brand is known for it's commitment to their design philosophy, remade, reduced and recycled. This season emulated this concept to the highest point- informing a collaboration with Timberland. The creative partnership showcased that intuitive design can coincide with the concept of #lovedclotheslast by Fashion Revolution and Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last, as pioneered by Vivienne Westwood. 

Describing the working relationship as a "really natural conversation" the working ethos sets a precedent for the future of sustainability and considered design. As the ideology pushes to the forefront of the industry's mind, it's clear that those that committed to responsibility from the beginning, such as Christopher, will shine. 


"We are both really well known for quality and things that are long-lasting. We both really share the idea of utility and purpose, and both brands are keen on doing things in the right way, with quality and craft being important to us."


As London Collections Men came to a close after four days, Christopher is taking his responsible and creative design around Europe. From 12th - 5th June the collection will be in Florence, moving to Paris, then Germany and returning to London. Recognising that sustainability isn't a buzzword to be discredited as a trend, but a reaction to a political need, a response to the urgency of climate change, has been seen both at GFW18 and at London Collections Men. As invention increases, we're eager to see what creative design solution our Ambassador pursues next. 


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