During GFW 2018 our Global Trustee Caryn Franklin MBE, fashion activist, campaigner and former Fashion Editor at i-D asked attendees the question ‘’Working in fashion, what matters to you most?’ by creating a wall pledge and asking people to respond with their ideas. 

In her talk Emotional Intelligence and Self- Awareness Surviving and Thriving in The Industry with Caryn Franklin, she discusses the reasoning behind the wall, and gives the audience an insight into conquering stress in the creative field.


“What matters is the prosocial fashion, being able to do something that has meaning, that has purpose and makes you feel good about yourself”

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of what really matters, your confidence and self-esteem and having a diverse perspective.

University teaches you all the skills, but it is your own self-belief that will get you to those places. “You need to find out who you are and what you will bring?  It is all about understanding your emotional intelligence and being aware of your emotions, other people’s emotions and how to deal with them. “

Caryn stresses “there is no right way to be, it’s just your way, and we are all different with different neural patterns. It is important to start channelling feelings and check in with yourself. “

One tip she gives “when working in a collaborative team is to recognise what you bring to the team and be clear with what you can and can’t contribute as that is vital. You bring to the group your emotional assets as well as emotional flaws- and you need to be honest before group work, so people can understand and help you”.

It was great to hear the perspective of many of the guests at GFW18, who pledged for many different things, such as sustainability, diversity and representation and being part of a team!



Words by Holly Bartley