In this GFW Live! talk by Boohoo the HR advisor, Demi Halliday discusses how graduates can land their dream jobs in the fashion industry. HR advisor, Demi Halliday is on the recruitment team for Boohoo, Boohoo MAN and Nasty Gal. With their head office in Manchester, PR offices in London and Los Angeles and marketing offices in Paris and Berlin, the brand, Boohoo has gone global.

Passion, creativity and teamwork are Boohoo’s values and what they look out for during the recruitment process. With approximately 132 applications coming in everyday it is vital that graduate’s CVs stand out. The recruitment team look for someone who is passionate about what they do and Boohoo as a brand as well as someone who performs well in a team due to the proximity of the Boohoo environment. Demi shared that it is important for an applicant to be agile. Because of the fast pace of the brand due to them promoting fast fashion, members of the team have to be able to think quickly and regularly change their priorities.

There is a large social aspect to the Boohoo brand. Parties occur regularly there’s “any excuse for a party” but Demi didn’t go into too much detail on that topic because “what happens at a Boohoo party stays at a Boohoo party”. On the contrary Boohoo also do a lot of charity work. As a team they recently completed the Manchester 10K and raised £13,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Demi tied up the GFW Live! talk by sharing some wise advice with the audience regarding landing their dream job. She shared that a graduate should “be themselves and let their personality show”.


Words by Rosie Smith

Photography by Deborah Smith