We're happy to inform you all that new this year, we will be hosting a Social Media Award, sponsored by Boohoo! This gives one instagram savvy student, with impeccable curation skills the opportunity to win £750 with a £250 prize to the university. 


Imagery is the cultural currency of our times. We are defined by what we do or don’t upload. Imagine social media as a shop window – allowing us to display our wares and talents to the wider market. Utilisation of this “window” can lead to new contacts, wider recognition and potential job prospects.

No longer side-lined as faddish or gimmicky, social media and its many evolving platforms has positioned itself at the forefront of how we communicate with each other in the 21st Century.

The social media tool of the moment is Instagram. The ability to instantly upload as well as curate the gallery like space lends itself nicely to fashion image making. Content is key regardless of how many followers you have or how many you follow.


This brief is to create and curate an Instagram Campaign which is relevant and reflective to the constantly evolving interface of fashion communication. 

Submission is an Instagram campaign that the judges feel is outstanding in its contribution to the field and a supporting statement which outlines your objectives methodology, and outcomes. 

You are not being judged on how many followers you have but on the originality of content plus your editorial skills through selection and production of imagery.