Menswear blogger, Sam Marvin joined Boohoo Man’s design manager, Shane Chin to discuss all things trends, inspiration and office life in the GFW Live! talk by Boohoo.

The conversation began with Shane’s life prior to Boohoo. He shared how he applied for lots of jobs after he left college and worked his way up through the industry, building a cliental. He discussed how Sam and himself then went onto freelance for two years and this was an amazing confidence booster. All this was done in his favourite place, Manchester which is “100% better than London!”. He believes that “If you want to get into fashion you should go to Manchester” the home of Boohoo.

The range of silhouettes that you can work with is what excites and enticed Shane into Menswear. Shane shares how 3 people started Boohoo Man and now there is nearly 60 people on the team. Despite common thinking, the majority of these are girls. Around 80% of the team are female, bringing a different perspective to the male range.

With the relationship between fashion and sustainablility being a current and important topic, questions were raised within GFW Live! where Shane discussed how Boohoo Man takes inspiration from designers and celebrities but they respond to them in “a Boohoo way”. Regarding sustainability, he described how Boohoo Man sticks to the Boohoo principles and their purpose is to provide affordable fashion.

One of the things that can be taken from this GFW Live! which Shane talked about with the greatest admiration, is that their parties are wild and are the majority of Shane’s most memorable experiences. “If you ever get the chance to go to a Boohoo Man’s party, I can assure you that it will be memorable”. 



Words by Rosie Smith

Photography by Will Barker