Caryn Franklin joined artist, Alex Box, influencer, Rachael Sealy, Fashion Journalist, Bel Jacobs and Stylist, Kyle De Volle in the GFW Live! Talk Space. They discussed how to face the fashion industry with a bold face, and how to cope with being an outsider.

As young creatives we have all faced the issue of feeling like an outsider. It always comes down to two possible options, you either take the easy exit and accommodate the trends, risking losing yourself and your reputation for money or to gain followers; or you go all out, stay true to your vision and risk eating less money.


To discuss this incredibly sensitive subject, GFW invited four eminent figures of the fashion world who, each in their unique way, have proved to be able to stay true to their self. These four brilliant minds have all had to face the hard life of swiming against the tide, whether it was because they were advocating topics of sustainability, body image, gender fluidness or unconventional visual styles.

Taking a stand on the topic, Alex Box says that “it’s about thinking of your legacy. We all need to be conscious of what we are and what we are doing. Everything I did was always too weird for so many people, and I always got told off for doing what I was doing, but after all, being authentic payed off, and now I am where I am now”.


The artists discuss the problems a young student may face. Having to afford rent and working in the industry, when they have such high moral standards that are not met with the same enthusiasm by many companies.


“I’m not going to lie, it is very challenging and sometimes the prospect of money and fame are tempting” says Bel Jacobs. This was echoed by Kyle, who adds “I spent so much time caring about what people inside the industry thought of me, and I used to be very conditioned by that, but then I reached a point where I could not look at myself in the mirror and be ok with the person I was seeing because what I supported was not true to my soul. After that I decided I’d only work with brands I truly believe in and support. It’s harder, but much more satisfying”.


Sometimes, the world just tells us that we “need” be a certain way, and as an influencer, Rachael Sealy reminds us, that the only real way to counteract the tendency, is to learn to love ourselves for what we are. “There is a point in life when you need to learn to accept who you are, and start to love yourself, because once you reach that goal, no one else’s opinion will matter. If you are having a bad time the only person who can take you out of it is yourself, and the only thing that will do that is confidence and self love”.

Written by Sara Liberati