“Living in a digital world we have an overload of consumerism and disregard for nature” said designer, Whitney Stoneman when asked about her S/S20 collection on nature VS technology.

Inspired by 1960’s counter culture, the shape of electrical cables and leaf prints, Whitney opened the show with a colourful explosion of printed mesh. The print consisted of intricate leaf designs and tangled electrical cables. Nodding to technology’s boom in today's age.

Other collections had more personal meanings. Chloe Daniels’ unisex collection, inspired by phobias and hospitals, was about “wearing your fears and owning them” as said by Chloe. A big part of Chloe's collection was comfort. Jersey was used for a comfortable, relaxed fit, whilst addressing fears head on. Details included slippers and syringe earrings, which were inspired by the subculture ‘Yami Kawaii’ in Tokyo, Japan where individuals dress to display the mental health stigma. A provoking approach to a disruptive issue.

Other designers tapped into their childhood. Sian Keady’s ‘Preserved Nostalgia’ was a menswear collection about having a Christian upbringing. She injected the modern colours: yellow, orange and purple into her crucifix prints. Sian’s main inspiration was the 1970’s and David Bowie.

Rita Marcourt’s collection was about her culture. Being African and Italian, she intertwined classic Italian and African garments, using deep hues of red, black and blue. Throughout the garments beautiful embellishments of gems were scattered amongst the pieces. She was inspired by a unique scar on her mothers face which was used as the basis of her embellishment design.

Closing the show was Louise Desoeuvre who’s French heritage was the key inspiration for her collection. She described her collection as a “modern interpretation of the cossaks of Russia” Louise wanted to represent her family who kept their “dignity” during the war.

Written by Chloe Ford

Photography by Jade Berry and Nici Eberl