Bath Spa University evidenced their ethos for expressing issues that affect their graduate designers in their catwalk today. This university’s catwalk kept to the expectation of their collections with exciting, dynamic and demanding pieces. The atmosphere remained hypnotic throughout as we are constantly exposed to gender defying and fashion forward garments. With bare faced models showing minimal makeup and slicked down hair, there is room to be fully immersed into the interesting and intricate silhouettes provided by Bath Spa University’s designers.

Bath Spa opened up their catwalk with dramatic trance music that absorbed the audience immediately into the collection by Jack Capstick. The collection featured a combinations of kink designs and formal wear through the incorporation of red and black latex with traditional masculinised jacket and trouser tailoring. As such, Jack acknowledges the taboo of the sex industry by combining kink materials with normative concepts of male business fashion.

Colour used throughout the collections by the designers seem to settle between two comparative palettes. One being monochromatic and dark tones compared to vibrant and bold colours, synonymous of the upcoming summer wear season. Connor McCann showcases pastel colours with his line of womenswear that pay homage to a religious background with two garments that include a headdress that is reminiscent with a habit a nun would wear. Contrasting to the baby pink and neutral scenes of Connor McCann’s collection is the almost post-apocalyptic feel of Alice Honeychurch and George Clarke’s collection. In these selection of garments, there is a merge of past and future that radiate urban energy throughout. 


Words by Anna Tank  

Photography by Becky Mukerji