Graduate Fashion Week sponsor’s Sainsbury’s joined us at the ASOS GFW Talk Space today to talk about what it takes to launch your own fashion PR Company. In this ever more competitive market it’s becoming more and more important to widen your knowledge of the intricate cogs that make up the fashion industry in order to set up your own brand. This talk proved valuable to all of our graduates looking to represent their own up and coming labels with in-house PR companies. 

Launching the talk was a comprehensive guide to the key elements of fashion PR highlighting the importance of creativity, connections, strategy, vision and social media handling. The capable heads of TU’s PR identified these as the most important factors in the company’s easy transition from supermarket clothing to high-end high street. Sainsbury’s features in some of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, including ELLE, an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without the hard core networking of these talented ladies. 

It isn’t just the background work that puts TU on a platform, but their inspiring look-books. Lily says, “we try to make our look-books as colourful and eye catching as possible so they stand out from the crowd”. A nod of agreement from Sam confirms, saying, “We try to keep as fresh and editorial as possible”. This, along with their use of leading industry photographers and collaborators has propelled them into the high fashion game. See below for a full comprehensive list of Sainsbury’s exclusive Fashion PR insight. 

Ingredients for an excellent Press Office
•    Super Efficient sample loan service
•    Strong visual collateral- look books, shoots etc. 
•    Great showroom space
•    Succinct press releases and material
•    Develop a distinct house style
•    Understand the journalist’s needs and agenda
•    Being agile – proactive & reactive
•    Be reliable and provide as much info as possible
•    Jump on a trend
•    Cultivate media blogger relationships
•    Understanding of their audiences