Arts University Bournemouth put on a catwalk show that kept the audience on their toes, with each collection coming out to overwhelming cheers and applause.

The first big surprise of the show came from Georgia Steel. Her modern manipulation of men’s workwear saw her first model stride out, throwing newspapers from a neon trimmed newsbag. A combination of knitwear, fluorescent colours and models carrying briefcases, and bags of newspapers, gave her unique looks a modern spin.

Bournemouth Jade Berry-6.jpg
Bournemouth Jade Berry-9.jpg

Alice Vowles kept the surprises coming with her childrenswear collection. Full pink and orange looks, combined patterns, prints and solids. The collection was as joyful as the girls walking in it. Each model struck their own pose for the photographers, before skipping their final circle and leaving the runway.

Bournemouth Jade Berry-18.jpg

Feminism had it’s shining moment with Charlie Neilson, and her metallic jackets. Charlie’s final model was accompanied by a young girl in a matching outfit, clutching a Barbie, who was also wearing a mini version of the same look. Emblazoned on the back were the words “I Can Be Anything”.


Androgyny was a huge part of the collections, with menswear featuring everything from oversized flamingo prints, to pastel knitwear and exaggerated billowing silhouettes. Elanah Gilmore’s collection burst out to Tainted Love. With high energy walks, particularly from her male models who put on a spectacular show, complete with a glittering crown, a satin ruffle trimmed sweatshirt and a floor-sweeping fur coat, respectively. Her whole collection was fun, bold and powerful.


Keeping the diversity up was the university’s closing collection from Maria Streang. Her final look - a floor sweeping tulle gown with a full frontal tabard - was worn by an older model, who’s walk felt regal and elegant. It was the perfect closure for a show that had been full of surprises and had truly celebrated everyone.

Written by Faith Richardson

Photography by Jade Berry and Nicholas Kristiansen