The Arts University Bournemouth catwalk show captivates the commitment and innovation that the university strives for. Each collection was a clear creative result of critical reasoning and analysis. Their innovation and the diversity of the course is represented in the catwalk show. The collections show the combination of creativity and commercial realism.

Geometric shapes were prominent throughout the catwalk show, Sophie Fidalgo’s collection featured geometric prints and earthy tones. Sophie’s black, grey, white and orange menswear pieces created dramatic looks that stood out on the catwalk. The oversized aspect of her collection and the draping detail alongside the dark colours made her pieces appear bold and strong. Geometric shapes also appeared in Larissa Siems’ graduate collection but in an unusual fashion which challenged conventional fashion design. Larissa’s pieces were a combination of geometric shapes sewn together to create a flattering shape. Sportswear influences were clear in Larissa Siems’ work. Her bold dresses had zip detailing that resembled the detail on a wet suit. Alongside this were jackets that featured graphic stitch detailing.

Isabel Taylor’s collection pleased the crowd. Her bold multi-coloured prints combined created a collection that was an obvious result of creativity and passion. The bright prints didn’t distract the audience from the detailing, knots and draping often appeared on Isabel’s pieces which created an unusual shape which isn’t common in the fashion industry. The catwalk show was a representation of the values of the Arts University Bournemouth, all collections presented critical thinking and a clear objective. The innovative collections displayed the diversity of the course and the creativity that it holds. 

Words by Rosie Smith 

Photography by Becky Mukerji