Whilst at GFW18, NTU graduate Emma Mitchell spent her time at her university stand, in the catwalk hall and exploring the exhibition space. After being selected as finalist for the Fashion Marketing Award, Emma reminds us of her day at Graduate Fashion Week, in this 'My Day At GFW' diary. 

Stepping back into The Old Truman Brewery felt surreal knowing my final project had been specifically chosen by Nottingham Trent University to represent Fashion Marketing and Branding, otherwise known as FMB, at GFW18. As the four of us, myself and three other FMB students, eagerly walked through the GFW showroom our faces gleamed with delight as we approached the NTU stand to see our work on display. After three years of dedicated hard work it was very exciting and special to have our work represent the University at GFW18.

Nottingham Trent offers a diverse range of fashion courses to interest an array of students looking to study various areas of the fashion industry, from Fashion Design to International Fashion Business. Visiting GFW18 highlighted the dedicated work from students all over the country, making myself and NTU students alike very proud of our University. Nottingham Trent is renowned for its creatively innovative and industry-embracing approach, and its outstanding links with brands, companies and designers on a global level, which I think was evident within the GFW18 showroom.

After spending some time in awe of our work being on the NTU stand and eagerly speaking with the various guests looking around, we took a walk around the Truman Brewery to look at work from other incredible Universities showcasing. The atmosphere walking around GFW felt overwhelmingly positive and friendly throughout the entire day, from the smiles on everyone’s faces to the welcoming look of students and teachers inviting you to look at their stand.

To top off the day we picked up tickets to see the overwhelmingly popular NTU catwalk show, as we took our seats the room filled up in a matter of minutes. The passion for knitwear at NTU was evident throughout the show highlighting various shapes and patterns by using clever and unique knitwear techniques. After the NTU show finale stepped off the catwalk a large crowd of guests headed over to a drinks reception on the University stand. Family, friends, industry guests and university staff gathered to enjoy a well-deserved glass of prosecco, filling the space with delighted laughter and chatter about the incredible and visionary work from all Nottingham Trent students.

After three years of studying Fashion Marketing and Branding I am so proud to have represented Nottingham Trent at Graduate Fashion Week, and to top it all off have found out I will be graduating with a first-class honours degree. Nottingham Trent has given me the best three years of my life, I have become a more confident, positive and enthusiastic learner as the years have progressed. Truly learning an insight into the fashion industry as well as the various topics and industries that cause an effect on both consumers and fashion. Remember, studying fashion does not just have to be all about design, understanding the business background to fashion is equally as important and fundamental to the fashion industry as the clothes themselves.

Visiting GFW18 was an absolute pleasure, a truly inspiring and positive day that I wish I could do again!




Words by: Emma Mitchell