We're really happy to tell you all that 3ina are on board for Graduate Fashion Week! Their playful use of colour and ever astounding professionalism is highly sought after and revered. GFW is glad to have an exciting and fresh make up sponsor, that can ensure the graduates collections are developed and enhanced even further as they head down the catwalk.

"Our innovative products are created to the highest professional standards and manufactured in Europe. Play and make with our professionally formulated on-trend colours and textures as the tools to create and reimagine who you want to be today."

The fashion industry is a billion pound sect of the arts and culture job market,  made up of hundreds of sects. Beauty and make up are integral to the success of a collection, and companies like 3ina are inspiring the next generation of make up artists. 

We're also very happy to announce that London Beauty Artists will be working closely with 3ina, with LBA's lead artist working closely with of 3ina's lead artist. GFW is a collaborative event, and it's great to know that the make up will be a mix of professionals from different parts of the industry. 

"LBA live for makeup! We stay on trend so you do. Any service or occasion – we’ve got you! Our experts even teach & our courses suit all. We’re super excited to be part of GFW 17! Find us."

Watch this space for exciting awards and competitions news soon.