We want the graduates showcasing and presenting with us at GFW18 to make the most of this fantastic opportunity but developing self confidence, and knowing how to network and present themselves in ways that will benefit them in the future. There are so many attributes that designers, fashion houses, stylists and employers are searching at GFW, it can be hard to ensure you tick all of the boxes. Here we've listed a few things to help jump start your career and improve your rapport with industry professionals. 


Send follow up emails

Whether it's someone asking for your business card, or a professional giving theirs to you, it's always a good start to send a follow up email to them. Anybody who shows interest in your collection or portfolio is a positive indication that they appreciate and admire your work. It could be an email that just thanks them for their interest, or even comment on how lovely it was to meet them. Maintaining an approachable persona will only lead to positive outcomes. 


Keep website up to date

Keeping your website up to date is one of the most important parts of maintaining a successful business. In today’s generation, people are constantly online, whether it's on a mobile phone, tablet or computer which means it is the quickest way to find out information about you or your brand. In a digital, online world we are now living in, your website will be a communicative base for your brand, allowing anyone globally to look at your work and get in touch with you. 


 Know your work inside out

No one knows yourself or your work better than you do. Make sure you know everything about every single part of your work from what inspired you, to what type of thread you used on a button. Many professionals, fellow students and guests will want to know what and why about each and every detail, so be prepared for precise questioning. 


Look presentable and wear clothes that describe you

(Your own collection if applicable)

At GFW, nothing gives a good first impression as much as the way you choose to present yourself. Your outfit choice will create a story about you, so depending on what mood and feel you want to portray, it is always good to think your outfit choice through! Despite being a fun, celebratory event, it is also a chance to be employed and meet some of the biggest names in the industry, so a presentable outfit is essential. Your style speaks for you when your mouth cannot therefore it is so important to choose clothing wisely. If you design clothes, definitely promote yourself by wearing them! 


Be professional on social media, and keep engagement with your audience or followers

Social media is a modern platform to present yourself and your work. It can be used as an online portfolio and a mechanism to connect with customers, artists and designers internationally. Maintaining regular updates is a fundamental way to cultivate your audience. Social media can now be a method for potential employers to find out more information about you, therefore having private personal lives separate to professional accounts is essential. It can also be helpful to use relevant hashtags and include links to threads as it can attract larger audiences, and be used to promote influential brands, designers and more. 




Words by Amber Whitaker