In the start up of any new business promotion is key, and social media is a brilliant low cost way to advertise. There is more to social media than the odd Facebook post or Tweet, read on for ARTS THREAD’s and Helen Stevens, founder of surface design brand Surfacephillia, and social media enthusiast, guide on how to start using social media to market your new business.



These days social media is used by most types of businesses of all scales in order to help communicate and promote their service to potential clients and business partners.

Social media has existed for years but has recently become one of the most powerful sources of advertising and news updates due to the launch of the Internet platforms Twitter and Facebook which provide the chance for social ‘networking’. Outlets of social media include blog sites such as Blogspot and WordPress, micro blogging such as Twitter, online magazines through sites like Issuu, internet forums, podcasts, content communities such as YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.

Many social media platforms offer themselves as a free service to its users therefore making it accessible to all business based users and their followers alike. Due to high advertising costs in physical magazines and newspapers this free service is becoming an essential for any business owner in order to generate interest towards their work.

Social media sites allow anyone to present an extension of their skills to the world for free. From artists and designers, to music bands and future journalists… it basically cuts out any middle man who would normally stand in the way of your own professional development, allowing you to present and disclose any information you wish to ‘brand’ yourself with.

Sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow us to connect with the people we want direct contact with, from general members of the public to our peers and even industry leaders. On sites like these, ‘networking’ occurs meaning a level of interaction between a business delivering its information (making a post) and their followers.



Therefore it is wise to think about the persona you wish to project before you begin making your posts. Taking time out to plan your target market is vital within any business, this also applies to social media. For example you may need to attract the attention of the buying public for sales, as well as magazine editors for coverage, brand managers and maybe interior designers all at once, and so your approach to what kind of content your posts should have needs to be considered.

Making a list of every market you need to target will be helpful, you can then research which media platforms they are most likely to use and how and when they use it. Get a feel for the jargon and style of interaction on that site. A few examples of your potential target market are below:


  • Clients/consumers – people to buy your work
  • Buyers – to sell your work through 
  • Design media- magazines, blogs – to get your work featured
  • Trade shows/ selling events / exhibitions you will be at – to network and promote your work to customers, buyers, magazine editors
  • Design organisations that you belong to – to help promote you to a wider audience, other organisations and connect you to your peers
  • Museums & Galleries – to network with...


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