From our studio in North London we provide pattern cutting, toile, and sample making services as well as design development and pattern cutting courses.

We have developed a new generation of tailors and dressmakers body forms, already in use by Universities and studios, which are available to purchase exclusively from Design-Surgery. All our mannequins reflect today’s body shapes and incorporate a number of useful aids. Every mannequin is made by hand using traditional methods and recycled materials. Our mannequins have been chosen by the British Fashion Council for their last two pattern cutting seminars as well as being the mannequin sponsor for Fashion Scout and Graduate Fashion Week 2017.

We also sell a range of pattern cutting and studio equipment that has been tried and tested by us and that we consider to be reliable and good value for money


“I work with students and mannequins every day and I knew that there could be a better shape with better information. If no-one else was going to make what was needed I decided I would.  Wendy was born from my frustration and once I started the passion took over. We want to provide the best we can because I am an end user as well as the maker.” - Jan.