Bonmarché Fashion for All Award


‘Attitudes to fashion in the last few years have changed significantly, no longer, is the designer restricted by the consumers age, their size, nor their shape’.

Submit a body of work which reflects the above statement and meets your interpretation of ‘Fashion for All’




The submission is open to the receipt of:

(a)  an inclusive collection, or

(b)  a marketing campaign, or

(c)  an innovative product etc.,

In addition to the work submission, please provide a supporting statement that demonstrates how the intention behind your submission thinking will address ‘Fashion for All’ and a visual representation of your work




The competition is open to final year students.

The work submission should cover one or more of the listed below:


Fashion & Product design

Store environment


Visuals and creative direction

Marketing & PR proposal




Graduate: £750

Graduate’s university £250


The award will be presented on Wednesday 7th June, 2017.